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  • North Carolina's Full Service Truck Experts

    No matter the size of the truck or the size of the problem associated with it, the truck mechanic experts at Holtkamp Truck Service are here to help. We provide basic maintenance on your personal vehicles and maintenance repairs on an entire fleet for your business.

    Call Holtkamp Truck Service for all your truck maintenance needs!

  • Holtkamp Truck Service is proud to be an authorized dealer and servicer of Sailun brand tires. We have the following options to choose from for heavy duty and commercial trucks:

    The S605 EFT is Sailun's premium line-haul steer tire, featuring a decoupling groove and five wide ribs for a stable ride at all speeds. Stone ejectors minimize tire damage, while extra-wide grooves and S-sipes improve traction for excellent hydroplaning resistance.


    The S622 EFT is a premium free-rolling position trailer tire. With a decoupling groove that resists irregular sidewall wear, and wide ribs to prevent damage caused by high-scrub applications, the S622 EFT is also a low-rolling resistance tire designed to maximize your mileage.


    The Sailun S665 EFT is an all-position radial truck tire optimized for steer axles. This tire is engineered for use in regional and limited highway service applications on a large array of vehicle platforms.


    The S768 EFT is a premium closed shoulder drive tire, designed with a wide shoulder featuring tapered lateral edges for enhanced lateral stability. The S768 EFT also features stone ejector buttons that reduce stone retention, and an extra-deep 26/32‚ÄĚtread depth for enhanced tread life.


  • The brakes on your truck can make some loud sounds, but let's leave the whistling and singing to the musicians. If you are hearing your brakes and wheels making noises they shouldn't be making, call Holtkamp Truck Service to see what we can do for you.

    Signs You May Need Brake Service:

    • Squeaking, grinding sounds.
    • Increased stopping distance.
    • Brakes that have not been replaced in a long time. 


    Most brake pads have a thin metal tab which vibrates against the rotor when the pads wear down to a dangerous level. Ignoring this problem will eventually lead to an auto accident, which will cost more than the inexpensive service that Holtkamp Truck Service will provide for you.


    Call Holtkamp Truck Service today and we will replace the worn-down brakes with the newest and best quality brakes so you can get back to driving safely.

  • Holtkamp Truck Service can provide Department of Transportation of North Carolina Inspections and Emissions Inspections for commercial trucks.

    We are currently running a limited time special: Come in for a PM Service and get a FREE DOT inspection done! Call us at 910.864.1570 to schedule your inspection!

    DOT Inspection:

    • Cost: $76.99
    • Inspect truck or trailer per state-mandated procedures.

    Emissions Inspection:

    • Cost: $35.40
    • Improve your vehicle's likelihood of passing your official state inspection.

  • When it's summertime, keep cool while driving with our air conditioning services. And once it gets cold again, come back so we can repair that faulty heating system in your truck.

    Signs Your Truck Might Need Air Conditioning Maintenance:

    1. No cool air coming through vents.
    2. Poor air flow.
    3. Moisture around compressor.
    4. Strange odor coming into the passenger cabin.
    5. Noisy AC Compressor.


    So what are some basic ways to tell if any of these are a problem for your heavy truck, medium or pick up truck's air conditioning unit? Here's a basic checklist of symptoms which indicate something is wrong with your auto AC.


    Basic Checklist:

    • If the AC system doesn't produce cold air.
    • If the fan or blower doesn't work.
    • If the fan, blower or AC is noisy when turned on.
    • If one of the dashboard controls malfunctions.
    • If the vent, car heater or defroster is having problems working correctly.
    • If the air conditioning smells "funky."
    • If the car has a tendency to overheat.
    • If the air filter or dry have never been replaced, or if the AC has never been serviced before.


    If you are experiencing any of these signs, then it's probably time to have your vehicle inspected by a Holtkamp mechanic. Caught early on, most air conditioning problems are fairly easy and inexpensive to fix. Call now to schedule a time to service your air conditioning system.

  • It doesn't matter what kind of truck you drive, whether it's for work or recreation and it doesn't matter what size it is, Holtkamp Truck Service provides excellent oil and lube services for your vehicle.

    Lubricating Oil is the "life blood" of an engine. Without oil, your engine would rapidly stop working and there would be severe damage to the engine. Lube Filters remove the impurities and the wear-causing contaminants from the engine's oil. If the lube filters are not doing an effective job, engine life can be radically shortened. Lube Oil not only allows the internal components of an engine to move by keeping the various parts separate from each other reducing friction, it also carries out a number of other important tasks.

    What Does Oil Lube Do For An Engine?

    • Removing heat
    • Forming a seal between the cylinder wall and the piston rings
    • Cleaning internal surfaces
    • Transporting debris to the Filter


    Click HERE to find out our current special on an Oil Change for your truck!

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